All boxes must be PRE-ORDERED. Orders must be placed by 5 PM on Thursday to be picked up the following week.

Participants paying for their FoodShare box using their SNAP/EBT can get a single box for their first two consecutive distribution weeks, to comply with pre-payment requirements, and can then order up to two boxes per distribution week.

Additional SNAP/EBT Payment Details: If you are new to the program, upon pickup of your first box you will pay for your first box ($5) and prepay for the second distribution week’s box ($5) for a total of $10 total payment.  When you pickup your second box, you can then order up to two boxes per distribution week by prepaying for 1 box ($5) or 2 boxes ($10) for the third week.

Reminder: There must be sufficient funds ($10) available on your card at the time of pickup/payment/pre-payment. 



If paying with SNAP/EBT, only 1 box can be purchased for your first and second pickups, then 2 boxes beginning third pickup. Please read FAQ on previous page for information regarding box quantity limitations.