Our DHEC-certified kitchen offers a space for local food makers in need of a certified commercial kitchen to scale from Cottage Law production to Wholesale Distribution.  The space is ideal to accommodate catering and meal prep services and commissary use. 

Availability: Kitchen availability will vary. Renter must be in and out of the space within the designated time frame, which includes set up, cooking, and clean up. 

Amenities include: Tilting Skillet, Steamer, Ovens, Range, Blast Chiller, Robot Coupe, Stainless Steel Workstations, Ice Maker, Juice Extractor, Cutlery, Dish Machines, and more. 

Renter Requirements: Valid business license, DHEC Permit Number and Copy of Inspection Report, Certificate of Insurance (COI), ServSafe Manager’s Certificate, ServSafe Certificate Holder Onsite, Copy of SC DHEC 1769 form along with copy of payment receipt. (This form is to be completed based on the Feed & Seed Community Kitchen.), Inspection performed at Feed & Seed’s facility. If you are selling direct to a wholesaler, you must also provide: Copy of RVC Permit & Wholesale Distribution License.


To Rent the Community Kitchen email:


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