Honoring a legend: Making 10,000 sandwiches with cult favorite Duke’s mayo

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“The person who invented the mayonnaise, Eugenia Duke, is said to have made 10,000 sandwiches in a single day in 1918, adding to her legend as a women’s rights activist and an entrepreneur ahead of her time.

This recently prompted people in Greenville, S.C., where her feat of sandwich speed is said to have occurred, to get together to re-create her endeavor, but this time to donate the sandwiches to people who are hungry.”

“Several Greenville businesses joined in on the event, including Feed & Seed, a local food nonprofit.

Adam Sturm, the charity’s operations manager, said his volunteers used 1,000 pounds of cheddar cheese and 100 gallons of Duke’s mayo (donated by the Duke’s factory in nearby Mauldin, S.C.) to make several giant batches of sandwich filling.”



Source: Washington Post, November 2022

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